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I am hosting a music video for Grenade by Bruno Mars, if you haven't heard it click here

If you are interested, leave a comment and PM me! Thanks!

Collaberation! Need Animators!

Art help needed!!!

2010-11-10 18:08:39 by AnimeMyWay

I am wanting to get a drawing in the art portal but I do not know how! Can anyone explain and/or help me get it into the art portal? Thanks!

Free iPhone/iPod giveaway!!!

2010-11-07 10:13:52 by AnimeMyWay

If you click the link below you will see hoe to get a free iPhone 4 or an iPod nano touch, Newest Model.

Contest: Free iPhone 4 and iPod Nano Touch!

Help Needed!!!

2010-11-06 14:18:49 by AnimeMyWay

Well I am having troubles and I am trying to get my picture in the art portal... How do I do it?
Here is the link to my art: Artwork

Help Needed!!!

A Bite Out Of Apple

2010-10-28 19:23:20 by AnimeMyWay

Well I was asked to review the new iPod Touch so here we go:

iPod Touch 4th Generation Review

Well here it is folks, Apple has done it again and so have I! I have reviewed Apple's iPod touch and here it is:

The iPod Touch 4th generation, now with HD recording and FaceTime!
Apple's 3rd generation of the iTouch, many people have asked a simple question. When will Apple finally release an iTouch that records video?
Apple took it into consideration and has used their magic once again and informed us that they will be sending out a prototype very shortly and when they did, it was a huge success! This has evolved the new generation of iPods. Many people have been waiting for a long time for the iPod touch to become "iPhone like" due to their contract with other cell phone carriers. Many people couldn't get the iPhone due to contracts, money issues, or just because they could not get a cell phone so they asked themselves, when will they send out this iPod for not just testers but all of us?

On September 8th, 2010, Apple had made history. Even Steve Jobs agrees calling it "most popular iPod" and it is very clear why he had said that. The new iPod can do almost everything an iPhone can do except have cell phone service that is. The new iPod touch was a great success for Apple as they claim their inventory and collect their cash. The new iPod Touch has made history.

So what can the new iPod Touch do and what makes it so special from the others?

A4 Processor - Same as the one in iPhone 4 and iPad.
FaceTime: iPod Touch 4G has 2 cameras, on front as well as back. The front one lets you use FaceTime to have video chat.
Retina Display - With this latest technology from Apple, iPod Touch 4G has the highest resolution 3.5 inch display amongst all iPod Touches. The 960-by-640 backlit LCD display packs 326 pixels per inch, making text and graphics sharper and vivid.
HD Video Recording, Editing - You can now capture 720p video on your iPod Touch 4G using it's back camera, which comes with an illumination sensor that lets you take better pictures in low light.
Game Center - This newly added feature lets you add players to your gaming network, invite and join, and share your scores with friends.
Gyro + Accelerometer - Better motion gestures comes with the built in 3 axis gyroscope along with accelerator. Gaming is now more fun with this advanced motion sensing technology, which gives user acceleration, full 3D attitude, and rotation rate.
Other features include Genius playlist, cover flow album art, access to TV and Movie shoes from iTunes Store over Wi-Fi, free iBooks ebook reader app, email support for Gmail, MobileMe, voice control, and so on.

The prices are cheap too:
8 gb $229
32 gb $299
64 gb $399

So head down to your local Apple Retail Store or Walmart and purchase the new iPod Touch! If you buy an 8gb iPod Touch then you will get a $25 gift card so hurry because it is a limited time offer!

I am Nicholas Settle and I give the new iPod Touch a 9/10 and I recommend this product for everyone!

A Bite Out Of Apple

Trouble With Art...

2010-10-23 13:05:07 by AnimeMyWay

Okay so I am wondering how you make pictures like these?! Can anyone help me out?

Trouble With Art...

Voice Actor Needed A.S.A.P.

2010-10-17 20:33:44 by AnimeMyWay

I am trying to recreate some old asdf comics, can anyone voice act for me?
I need a deep man's voice (american accent), a woman's voice (teenage american), and a teenage guy's voice as well. For an example of the comics, here is one:

Voice Actor Needed A.S.A.P.

New Comics!!!

2010-10-06 00:05:46 by AnimeMyWay

I am starting to do a post of a comic every so often, they are crappy and stupid but hey, that's me ;)

New Comics!!!

Check This Out!

2010-07-08 20:47:19 by AnimeMyWay

Tell me what you think of this picture!

Check This Out!

Looking For Collab Entries

2010-07-07 21:39:56 by AnimeMyWay

I am hosting a collab for a music video, anyone can enter, just PM or leave a comment if you are interested.

Looking For Collab Entries