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Trouble With Art...

2010-10-23 13:05:07 by AnimeMyWay

Okay so I am wondering how you make pictures like these?! Can anyone help me out?

Trouble With Art...


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2010-10-23 13:30:03

Use Photoshop or Gimp.

AnimeMyWay responds:

That is what I thought too, I am just wondering how he got the textured paper look behind it. He said he used Flash CS5 only... weird...


2010-10-24 03:32:51

most likely practice. And some cool use of photoshop tools :p

AnimeMyWay responds:

Yeah, practice makes perfect (somewhat) and I had tried to ask him how he did it all, he said he had used his tablet and flash Cs5, that was all...


2010-10-24 17:26:02

To do the textures I take pictures and set them to multiply or overlay in Flash with the color blending tools, usually once the picture is done just for a final touch.

AnimeMyWay responds:

Why thank you! Haha, this helps a lot. Thanks man!